We’re pleased to announce the Erin Estate Field to Vase Flower Farm starting Summer 2019



We will be offering various Bouquets, Center Pieces, Arbor, and other arrangements for all of our weddings starting this year.


  • Bridal Bouquets
  • Center Pieces
  • Arbor Arrangements

Field To Vase

It’s simple, locally sourced flowers are the freshest cut and most beautiful! Choosing to use our local Field to Vase flowers has many benefits. First, they will be the freshest cut flowers you can get. Second, they have been naturally grown without toxic chemicals. Third, our flower species provide rehabilitation to bird, butterfly and bee populations in the area.


Our Style

Many florists will have different styles of flower arranging. Although we do our best to provide the style you are looking for, we specialize in ‘Elegant Country’ style arrangements. We provide base packages of ‘mixed white’ or specified outlined colour combinations as well as herb arrangements. Our packages are based on what is in season. Special orders for particular flower species that may be out of season will be added to your quote on a custom case basis.


  • Freshest Cut
  • Field To Vase
  • Supports Butterfly & Bird Life

Field to Vase Flower Packages

We aim to provide you with the freshest most beautiful cut flowers. You can’t get fresher cut flowers than flowers grown at the venue.

Bridesmaids Bouquets


Starting at
  • Freshest Cut
  • Naturally Grown
  • Supports Butterly & Bird Life

Centre Pieces


Starting at
  • Freshest Cut
  • Field To vase
  • Supports butterfly & Bird Life