What is included for ceremony set-up/operations?

We set-up your chairs for your ceremony as early as we can; however, depending on weather, this may be delayed. We try to have your set-up done no later than two hours prior to your ceremony.

We also have your sound set-up an hour before your ceremony. Sound checks should be done at least 30 minutes prior to ceremony start time (responsibility of the bride and groom to arrange with their designated DJ or person, and officiant). We have cords for most phones, laptops, and instruments to plug into our speaker system.

Can I have any decor including a backdrop behind my head-table?

Yes, you can bring any decor as long as there is no permanent mounting required. Tent poles have 10-feet in-between them and cable can be attached to hang decor to the top of these poles. We also have a wooden backdrop provided. 

Can I have candles in the tent?

Yes, you can have candles that are self-contained in glass containers. No tall candles on candle sticks.

Can I have sparklers?

Yes, you can have sparklers outside the tent. Ensure that your bartenders have small buckets of water to properly extinguish the sparklers and ensure proper disposal of metal sticks. Absolutely no sparklers or open flame are permitted in the forest or any treed area.

Is there a podium?

Yes, there is a podium in the reception tent.

Can I do my own ‘DJ’ing’ with playlists?

Yes, you can play your own playlists as an option for your music. You can rent our sound system for your reception for a $250 handling fee (includes wireless microphones). You can play from a phone or laptop for your ceremony music too. You need to appoint a sound person responsible for bringing the music (phone, laptop etc.) and doing a sound check 30 minutes prior to ceremony time. Noise restrictions do exist and are strongly enforced.

Can we extend our music time?

No. The 11pm deadline for music is a hard stop with absolutely no exceptions (2022; changes to 12 midnight in 2023 due to reception building being indoors). These are by-laws  that we must follow to operate. 

Can I have friends/family do my bar-tendering or catering?

All food and beverage service must be provided by professionals.

Do I need a Special Occasion Permit (S.O.P) ?

Yes. It is $45 and can be obtained through the AGCO website https://www.agco.ca/alcohol/special-occasion-permits-private-event. You will also send a quick e-mail to the fire department, and Town of Erin informing them of your event. As well as a hard copy to the Police station. 

What bar restrictions are in place?

There is no alcohol service past 11:45pm as guests must vacate property by 12 midnight. There is absolutely no drinking and driving or alcohol service to minors permitted. Any additional restrictions imposed by the government will be strictly adhered to. 

Can I have flower petals in the ceremony area?

Yes, only real, biodegradable petals can be used. No rice, confetti or artificial petals are to be used anywhere on the property.

Do all vendors sign a vendor agreement?

Vendors who are on our preferred list DO NOT need to sign an agreement as they have previously signed one. All other individuals providing a service must sign an agreement (shuttle drivers excluded as they do not leave their vehicles). 

Do all my vendors pay landing fees?

All caterers pay a landing fee, $500+HST for our preferred caterers, and $1,000+HST for all other outside caterers (2022); $700+ HST for our preferred caterers and $1500+HST for outside caterers (2023). 

Your Hair/Make-up; Cake (Drop-off); Day of Coordinator; Florist; Bar Service; DJ (in house) are all included vendors.

You're first 3 vendors in addition to this list DO NOT pay a landing fee 

For example: You can bring a Photographer (limited to 3 individuals from the same company), Videographer and Decor vendor at no cost.  

Additional vendors pay $250+HST per additional vendor limited to 3 individuals per vendor. This is indicated on your wedding day information sheet and is added to your final invoice. 

How do I pay my final balance and security deposit?

You can pay by e-transfer; however, the full balance is due seven days prior to your wedding date (Security deposit of $2000 must be provided by certified cheque at time of rehearsal). Therefore, cheque or bank draft can be provided or multiple instalments can be made leading up to the week before by e-transfer. NOTE: There is a $500 administrative charge if your payments are late. Our administrative staff cannot be chasing people for payment, it is the responsibility of the couple to pay on time. Please address all cheques to Erin Estate Weddings.

When do I book my site visits?

You can book a site visit for the beginning of the season (May) and/or 4-6 weeks before the date of your wedding. This is the recommended booking time. All site visits are based on availability and will be outlined via e-mail at the beginning of each New year.

What if I want another site visit?

Additional site visits can be booked at $250+HST per hour up to a maximum of two additional site visits.

Can I extend my hours in the house?

The earliest time to access to the manor is 7am. For the extra hour it is $250+hst.

Do I have access to fridges?

Yes, there is a standard fridge in the manor and a 3 door beer cooler/fridge in the saloon reception area. You will have access to these the day of your wedding. Where things go (ie. a cake drop off) is up to you, your vendors and planner to arrange.

Can I bring in a Photo Booth?

Yes, however, it must be outlined and added to your tent guide (rough location) 7 days prior so we can ensure to have the electrical ready.  Your photo booth will also require a Vendor Agreement along with any electrical requirements and will count as one of your listed vendors. If this is above the amount of outlined vendors they will have to pay the $250+HST landing fee. 

Can I bring in other specialized vendors (baristas, musicians… etc.)?

All additional vendors require special permission and must be approved (for safety and electrical requirements). The vendors must be added and indicated on the bottom of your tent guide and submitted 7 days prior with a Vendor Agreement (subject to landing fee).

What else do I need to know about the tables/chairs/tent?

The rectangle harvest tables are 9 feet in length. These tables seat eight people (four on either side); however, if not connected (banquet style) you can also have two people on the each head of the table making it seat ten people. 

Note that your catering team is who provides all your linens (not needed for harvest tables but for additional tables if applicable). Ensure they obtain enough linens for all tables (not including the DJ table). 

There are 20 Harvest tables available. 

*Head count and seating restrictions may be in place due to Covid restrictions

Chair cushion rentals are not available through Erin Estate. Please inquire with your catering team if you desire chair cushions.

What else should I take note of?

Always park in the parking lots while on site; this goes for all guests at Erin Estate. Pulling up to the house is for drop-off purposes only. Please be respectful of the outside space and always use garbage cans for litter and cigarette butts.